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Summercamp for children

Lõimeleer is a summer camp that connects young Estonians living abroad and their families as well as multicultural families living in Estonia with Estonian life and culture. In our camps you  can socialise with your peers from Estonia, learn Estonian handicrafts and traditional songs, dances, games and to play instruments. You can join horse cart and dugout canoe rides or go berry picking in the bog and so much more.


The camps are organised by NGO HomeComing (MTÜ Lõimeleer), the aim of which is to contribute towards the preservation of Estonian culture even beyond the national borders through practical youth and community work.

If you are unable to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions, please notify us before 15 June 2021 and we will guarantee you a spot in the 2022 summer camp.

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More information: mtu.loimeleer@gmail.com

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If you feel like you want to and can support the activities of NGO HomeComing, then direct link for easy donation is HERE.


We are following the principles of ethical operation of nonprofit organizations!

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