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Lõimeleer is a summer camp for Estonian kids and young people living abroad. The camp gives them an opportunity to communicate with people their age from Estonia, learn crafts, play traditional instruments, games, dance and sing, ride a horsecart and boats and much more.

In 2023 we are going to eat into Estonians! 

 IN 2023 will camp be 

19th-28th July


The recommended age of camp participants is between 10 and 16.

For two kids from the same family discount –30%!

  PS Donations are also welcome! We use donations to cover grants to our student camp teachers.


Get the whole family involved in LÕIMELEER – you, your partner, your kids (under the age of 10) and their grandparents as well! This is also a great opportunity for non-Estonian speaking parents and camp alumni.

19th-28th July

NOTE: The organisers are currently unable to offer accommodation as part of the LÕIMELEER  Estonian summer camp for families, so please book your accommodation at Tääksi Guesthouse separately here.

The detailed schedule is available here (locate the start of your camp period).


The camp takes place at the Tääksi school in Viljandi County (see location here).

Items needed at camp (click here)

NB! Important information regarding the COVID-19 situation!  If you have registered, but are unable to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions, please notify and we will postpone your unused ticket and guarantee you a spot in the 2024 summer camp.

Information on countries and restriction on freedom of movement requirements for passengers

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